My New 3d Models Blog

As you may know (or not), originally I’m an architect and arch-designer, so part of my work is associated with 3d modeling, rendering and 3d design in such software as 3d Studio Max + Vray, MentalRay, Cinema 4d, Maya, etc., and I have a lot of 3d models to share with you, so I decided to open a new blog related to 3d models.

CG 3d Models – I will share different 3d models, textures and other related resources, which will be useful for people who works with 3d graphics (architects, 3d designers, interior designers, game designers, etc). You can always find a link to this blog in my navigation menu – “3d models” button.

Where are not so many resources yet, but I will try to add new ones every day, meanwhile, you can subscribe to Facebook page, RSS or Twitter.

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