100+ Halloween decorations, backgrounds, patterns and illustrations 2013

Halloween is near and you want to decorate your house with scary illustrations, to make some Halloween posters and design awesome invitations or flyers for your night party, decorated with monsters, ghosts, Jack-o’-lantern pumpkins, witches, etc. Maybe you are looking for some inspiration to design Halloween brochures, banners or cards. This is a Halloween compilation of 100+ free to download relative vector resources in EPS and Ai formats for your holiday graphic designs. This compilation includes ready to use and print Halloween invitation cards, banners, posters, decoration elements, backgrounds, frames, icons, patterns with high quality illustrations.

Halloween pumpkins vector

Set of 9 beautiful cartoon styled vector Halloween pumpkins for your designs.

Halloween cards vector

2 sets with 4 different vector Halloween card templates with nice creepy background illustrations

Halloween witch vector

Set of 5 vector Halloween witch illustrations for your designs

Cartoon Halloween elements vector

Set of 10 vector cartoon Halloween elements for graphic designs with ghosts, Jack O’Lantern pumpkins, scary houses, black cats and gravestones.

Scary Halloween banners vector

3 Sets of 6 vector scary Halloween banners templates with Jack O’Lantern pumpkin in witch hat with some bats, spiders and graveyard.

Halloween poster vector

Vector Halloween poster with creepy pumpkin illustration for your flyers, party posters and invitation cards.

Halloween illustrations vector

3 Set with 31 vector Halloween illustrations of black cats, scary pumpkins, castles and creepy houses, witches, gravestones, bags with candies, ghosts, skulls, bats, spiders and spider webs.

Halloween frame vector

Vector Halloween frame template with round shape, pumpkins, bats and fall leaves for your holiday designs, cards, posters, etc.

Halloween background vector

Vector Halloween background with pumpkins and bats for your posters, invitation cards, brochures and other Halloween related designs.

Happy Halloween banners vector

2 Sets of 6 vector Happy Halloween banner templates with pumpkins, place for your text and scary backgrounds with houses and bats.

Halloween pumpkin posters vector

2 sets with 5 beautiful vector Halloween poster templates with pumpkin lantern for your designs.

Halloween card templates vector

Set of 3 nice and spooky vector Halloween card templates with creepy background and pumpkins for your holiday designs.

Halloween silhouettes vector

Big collection of vector Halloween silhouettes and backgrounds with Halloween silhouettes for your designs, cards and postcards.

Halloween design elements vector

Set with vector Halloween design elements (skulls, witch hat, bats, spiders, pumpkin, ghost, black cat, vector halloween treats, etc).

Halloween backgrounds and clipart vector

Collection of 7 sets with vector Halloween backgrounds for your cards and sets of Halloween design elements (pumpkins, creepy trees, ghosts, bats and witches).

Happy Halloween clipart vector

2 sets with vector happy halloween labels and succubus illustration for your creepy card and postcard designs.

Halloween witch card templates vector

Set of 4 vector Halloween card templates with witch, pumpkin and happy halloween label.

Halloween vector clipart

Set of 16 vector Halloween cliparts with pumpkin illustrations and backgrounds for your designs.

Halloween party templates vector

Set of 5 vector Halloween party templates for posters, cards, invitations and banners with some pumpkins, scary houses, skulls, bats.

Halloween party poster templates vector

Set of 5 vector Halloween party poster templates with Jack O’Lantern pumpkins, scary skulls and full moon on the background.

Halloween party flyers vector

Set of 5 vector Halloween party flyers with scary illustrations of pumpkins, vampires and bats + place for your text.

Halloween pumpkin card backgrounds vector

Set of 5 vector Halloween pumpkin card backgrounds with Jack O’Lantern, witch hats, floral ornaments.

Halloween night backgrounds vector

Set of 5 vector Halloween night backgrounds with pumpkins, spooky houses, bats, spider webs.

Halloween monsters vector

Set of 10 vector Halloween monsters templates with succubus, skeleton, Frankenstein, Dracula, the mummy, werewolf, witch, Jason, Jack O’Lantern and ghosts.

Halloween label templates vector

5 Set of 20 vector Halloween label templates with illustrations of pumpkin the Jack O’Lantern, ghosts, witches, etc.

Halloween graphic design templates vector

2 Sets of 4 vector Halloween graphic design templates of vertical banners and backgrounds with fall leaves, pumpkins, cats, scary houses, Jack O’Lantern illustrations.

Halloween clip art vector

8 Sets of vector Halloween clip art elements with Halloween backgrounds, frames, witches illustrations, black cats, Halloween pumpkins, Jack O’Lantern templates, bats and scary houses.

Grunge Halloween labels vector

Set of 2 vector grunge Halloween labels with Jack O’Lantern pumpkins and frame.

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